Strengthening Ties with Foreign Colleagues

On the 27thof February Professor Miguel Jose Rodrigues Vilas-Boas, Director of the School of Agriculture and Professor Luis de Sousa Costa, representatives of the Polytechnic Institute of Braganca (Portugal), visited our university. Professor Costa, former graduate of our university, visited his alma mater again, while Professor Vilas-Boas visited Russia for the first time. The visit’s objective was to discuss the issues of mutually beneficial international cooperation between our educational institutions. Business negotiations between our guests and the KubSAU management, including Aleksey Petukh, Vice-Rector on Education and Tatiana Polutina, Vice-Rector on International and Youth Policy, took place on the first day of their visit. The meeting was attended by deans of agriculture-related departments, honorary professors and young scientists of our university. For instance, they discussed technologies of agricultural activities in the regions of Portugal and Krasnodar Territory. They also raised issues of organizing student long-term academic exchanges and developing programs of short-term internships for students and lecturers of partner educational institutions in various fields of education. A special attention was paid to the implementation of parallel education program, current research areas in our educational institutions and planning of joint researches and joint publications within the framework of SCOPUS and WEBofSCIENCE. After a productive discussion the guests attended meetings at the Preparatory Department of our university and the Biotechnology Research Center. Next day the foreign scientists have conducted lectures for the students of Agronomy and Ecology Departments and Zootechnics Department. During the remaining part of their visit professors are planning to visit Krasnodarskoye and Kuban experimentary agro-enterprises, Abrau-Durso Public Company enterprise as well as Krasnodar sightseeing tours.

Publicado por: Kuban State Agarian University

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